Spider Lily Meaning (Red, White, Yellow, Orange & Pink)

Spider Lily Meaning

The spider lily is a beautiful and unique flower that is native to Asia. It gets its name from the way its petals curl up and around the center of the flower, which resembles a spider. The spider lily is also known as the resurrection lily because it blooms in late summer or early fall, after most other flowers have died off. The spider lily has several meanings depending on the color.

The red spider lily represents death and the circle of life. The white spider lily on the other hand have the opposite meaning, representing a new beginning. Yellow spider lilies often symbolize wealth, while orange spider lilies represent endurance and pride.

Spider lilies has an amazing history and in this article we will explore spider lilies further, revealing the strong bond this flower has to the people in Asia.

What Are Spider Lilies?

Spider lilies are beautiful, fragrant flowers that bloom in the late summer and early fall. Though they are often mistaken for true lilies, spider lilies are actually in the amaryllis family.

There are four very popular species of spider lilies: Lycoris radiata, Lycoris squamigera, Lycoris albiflora and Lycoris aurea.

Lycoris radiata, also known as the red spider lily or hurricane lily, is the most common type of spider lily. It is native to China and Japan and has long been associated with death and mourning.

The white flowers of Lycoris squamigera, also called resurrection lilies or magic lilies, bloom in late summer or early fall on leafless stems.

The flowers of Lycoris aurea, known as yellow spider lilies or golden spider lilies, are the most rare. They have long been confused with the white spider lily (Lycoris albiflora) and were only recognized as a distinct species in 1972.

Spider lily is a popular ornamental plant, and it has been cultivated for centuries. It is often grown in pots or in gardens, and the flowers are used in cut flower arrangements. The plant is relatively easy to care for, and it does not require much maintenance.

Ohigan Festival (Crossing Over To The Other Shore)

When the spider lily begins to bloom there is a national 7 day Buddhist festival in Japan called Ohigan where people visit the graves of their ancestors to pay respect through memorial services. When the red spider lily blooms around the graves it further enforced the meaning of death and afterlife.

Through this festival the red spider lily was given a name Higanbana or the flower of the shore. When someone dies the soul departs to the afterlife, but before that can happen it must travel across a mythical river called Sanzu. It is believed that when the soul reaches the other side of the river it will be greeted field of red spider lilies.

In Buddhism the red spider lily is also thought grow in hell and is meant to guide the soul to the path of reincarnation, hence the name “hell flower”.

Red Spider Lily Meaning

The red spider lily has a long history and many different meanings. In China, the flower is associated with death and grief. It’s often seen at funerals, where it’s used to symbolize the cycle of life and death.

In Japan, the red spider lily is known as the “flower of hell” because it blooms near grave sites. However, it’s also considered to be a sign of hope and rebirth.

Despite its dark associations, the red spider lily is a beautiful flower that represents both life and death. It is also a powerful symbol of love and protection.

White Spider Lily Meaning

White Spider Lily

The White Spider Lily, also known as the Ghost Lily, is a beautiful flower with a special meaning. The pure white color of the lily symbolizes innocence and purity, making it the perfect gift for a loved one. But the White Spider Lily also has a more hidden meaning.

This flower is often associated with death, mourning and rebirth, as it is often seen in funeral bouquets. So while the White Spider Lily is a beautiful gesture of love, it can also be seen as a reminder of our own mortality.

Orange Spider Lily Meaning

Orange spider lilies has a similar meaning as yellow spider lilies such as wealth, but also pride, honor and success.

Yellow Spider Lily Meaning

The yellow spider lily has several meanings to it’s color such as wealth and happiness. It has a beautiful yellow color, which also can symbolize love and wisdom. It’s the perfect flower to give to someone if you want to show them appreciation.

Pink Spider Lily Meaning

The pink spider lily represents love, passion and female beauty. With it’s beautiful pink color, these flowers can serve as the perfect gift to show the person you love that you are serious, trustworthy and that you want to work to keep your relationship alive.


Are Spider Lilies Poisonous To Humans?

Many plants are poisonous to humans, but few are as deadly as the spider lily. The spider lily is a beautiful plant that can be found in many gardens, but its pretty flowers are actually deadly to humans.

The plant contains a toxin that can cause heart failure and death within minutes of ingestion. Even touching the plant can be dangerous, as the toxin can be absorbed through the skin.

Can You Grow Red Spider Lily Indoors?

Red spider lily is a beautiful flowering plant that is typically found in the wild. However, with the right care, it is possible to grow red spider lily indoors.

Here are a few tips on how to successfully grow red spider lily indoors:

  1. Start with a healthy bulb – Red Spider Lily bulbs can be found at your local nursery or online. When choosing a bulb, look for one that is firm and free of blemishes.
  2. Plant the bulb in well-drained soil – Red Spider Lily prefers well-drained soil that is high in organic matter. If your pot does not have drainage holes, make sure to add some rocks or gravel to the bottom before adding the soil.
  3. Provide bright indirect light – Red Spider Lily needs bright indirect light in order to bloom.

What Can Spider Lilies Be Used For?

Spider lilies are often used in bouquet or flower arrangements for weddings and funerals. Red spider lilies represents death and the circle of life, which is why are mostly used at funerals or grave sites.

A second reason for the red spider lilies being used at grave sites is that they are poisonous and will keep pests away from consuming the bodies.

Are Spider Lilies Bad Luck?

Most people believe that red spider lilies are bad luck because they often bloom near grave sites. They are also associated with death and funerals in many cultures. Not only that, but red spider lilies are also very poisonous and you should be cautious before adding them to your garden.

What Do Red Spider Lilies Mean In Anime?

Red spider lilies often represent the final parting through death, separation, abandonment or memory loss. When a red spider lily appear in anime in association to a person or character, that will give the viewer a sense of what’s going to happen.

Is Blue Spider Lily Real?

No, the blue spider lily is not real. Spider lilies often grow with the colors red, orange, white, pink or yellow.

Do Spider Lilies Mean Death?

The red spider lily is associated with death and the circle of life. That is why you will see red spider lilies at funerals in countries like China, Japan and Korea. But there is another reason for this association because they are highly poisonous and if they are digested it could lead to death for humans. Even if you touch the flower petals, you could get exposed to it’s toxin, which is not good.

Do Spider Lilies Come Back Every Year?

Spider lilies are perennial plants, which means that they live more than 2 years. It blooms every spring and autumn, making beautiful flower beds.

Final Thoughts

Spider lilies have amazing meanings and it’s interesting how far into Buddhism and tradition, these beautiful flowers are embedded. Whether it’s a funeral, a wedding or paying respect to someone you love, spider lilies are there to help you deliver your message.

Specifically red spider lilies are very popular in anime and you will often see them near death or a last farewell. Red spider lilies have such a strong connection to the viewers that as soon as the flower is shown, they immediately know the association.

If you find the spider lily appealing, they are easy to grow in the right climate and can really enhance your garden experience. One note that is important to remember is that red spider lilies are very poisonous and if eating can lead to very serious health issues, the toxin can also be passed through skin contact.

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