Can Ducks Eat Coffee Grounds? (All You Need To Know)

Can Ducks Eat Coffee Grounds?

A diet for ducks generally consists of water plants, small fish, insects, and worms. In the wild, ducks will upend in shallow water to feed on aquatic vegetation. Domesticated ducks are often fed a diet of pellets that contain all the necessary nutrients. Ducks also need access to clean water at all times to drink and bathe in. However, can ducks eat coffee grounds?

No, ducks should not eat coffee grounds because it contains caffeine, which is toxic to ducks.

A nutritious diet is important for ducks and in this article we will learn more about ducks eating coffee grounds.

Is Coffee Grounds Bad For Ducks?

Yes, the caffeine in coffee grounds is very bad for ducks. There are several health risks for ducks if they consume caffeine which can affect their respiratory system, immune system and nervous system.

The caffeine is a chemical compound called methylxanthine. If consumed this will be absorbed quickly in the ducks body and can lead to seizures, rapid heart rate and death. If your ducks eat coffee grounds then you should contact a veterinarian.

A good advice is not use coffee grounds as a fertilizer near where your ducks live. All it takes is for the ducks to dig for worms under or near plants where you used coffee grounds. They might consume it by mistake or directly if hungry.

Foods Ducks Shouldn’t Eat

There are more foods that is toxic to ducks and I’ve listed some below:

Apple seeds should not be fed to ducks, because when digested they turn into cyanide, which is toxic for ducks.

Avocado is another no go for ducks. They contain persin also toxic to ducks.

Tulips contains a toxin called tuliposides and should be avoided for ducks.

Citrus fruits are thought to reduced the ducks calcium absorption leading to poor quality egg shells.

Fruits & Vegetables Ducks Can Eat

Ducks loves to eat fruits and veggies, below are some great ones you can feed ducks.

Always do your own research before feeding ducks fruits and vegetables, because some might be toxic to them.


To sum up, make sure to not feed ducks coffee grounds and avoid using it as a fertilizer because the ducks can dig it up while looking for worms. It could then be consumed by mistake and can hurt the ducks health.

Make sure to feed ducks foods that is safe for ducks. It’s important to give domestic ducks a balanced diet with commercial duck feed and only give them treat in addition to it, to keep them healthy.

If you decide to feed ducks at the park, make sure to feed them in moderation because they might been already fed by other visitors. Wild ducks can find their own food and giving them too much treats might do them more harm than good.

Thanks for reading, take care!

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