Can Ducks Eat Petunias? (All You Need To Know)

Can Ducks Eat Petunias?

A wild duck’s diet consists mostly of aquatic plants and small insects. While they do consume meat, it is not a large part of their diet. Domestic ducks are often fed a diet of pellets that are specifically designed for them. But, they also eat most flowers and plants they can find in their surrounding. However can ducks eat petunias?

Yes, ducks can eat petunias without any side effects because they are not toxic.

While flowers are not a ducks favorite choice when it comes to plants, they will not say no to a yummy treat when they find it. In this article we will explore more about ducks eating petunias.

How Much Petunias Can a Duck Eat?

There are not a set number of petunias they can eat, but they could probably eat as much as they want. The most important part is that they eat a balanced diet with duck feed and if they eat treats it should not be more than 10% of their overall diet.

Adding flowers and plants around ducks living area that are safe for them to eat, can keep your ducks happy and busy. Some plants if not eaten can also be used as sunshade, which is perfect for hot weather.

Are Petunias Healthy for Ducks?

The most important thing to know is that petunias is not toxic and wont harm your ducks, but it don’t hold much nutritional value. If your ducks want to eat petunias makes them happy, let them.

Do Ducks Like Petunias?

Well, some ducks will like to eat petunias and other ducks won’t. If they are hungry the will pretty much eat on any plants and flowers they can find. So keeping safe flowers such as petunias near ducks living area is a good idea, because they will eventually taste the greens around them.

More Flowers & Plants Ducks Can Eat

It’s not secret that ducks loves to eat plants and flower. Here are some more flowers and plants that ducks can eat.


It’s not easy knowing which flowers and plants are safe for ducks to eat, so it’s important to always make your own research to keep your ducks safe. In the wild, ducks will eat any flower they find tasteful.

Beautiful flowers like petunias are safe for ducks to eat and will also brighten up your garden at the same time. Keeping safe plants near their living area is important, because ducks will taste plants that might not be safe for them as well.

Thanks for reading, take care!

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